ArmA 2 Mission Editing Guides

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ArmA 2 Mission Editing Guides

Post by Softball » 14 Jul 2009, 13:44

Please give Hudson credit for posting these links, I am just making this more permanent as a "sticky:"

ArmA 2 Mission Editor Guide

ArmA 2 Scripting Commands ... ands_ArmA2

ArmA 2 Object Class Library


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Post by Gator » 14 Jul 2009, 16:15

Great Idea.

Hudson: Those guides are pretty useful. Note that the mission editor guide is actually for Arma1, however, it's mostly the same.
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Post by Hudson » 14 Jul 2009, 16:35

Correct. Most of it carries over; the Object Class Library definitely has some differences though. Beyond that ArmA2 primarily has additions to the script commands above and beyond what ArmA had.

Also a good place for questions are the BI forums; got a couple good answers to some basic questions in about 10 minutes.

And this is the bug tracker for the tasks disappearing on respawn:

What I've done is place visible markers on the map wherever there is an objective or something else of importance, so that people can find locations. Assuming the next patch fixes the issue I can delete them and rely on the visible waypoint markers, as I was intending to do...

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