MWO Nov 6 Patch

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Re: MWO Nov 6 Patch

Post by Slayer »

Slamhammer wrote:8 vs 8 and ECM on assault out going have 8 atlas sneeking up and saying high....kinda wish they would limit ECM to Lights and Med...
Ya, thats where they belong. There needs to be a drawback or something to keep that type of abuse from happening.

Can we fill out an 8 man team yet? The most i've seen on mwo so far has been i think ~5 ish.
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Re: MWO Nov 6 Patch

Post by Slamhammer »

Slayer I was thinking the on the same lines. You, Broun, hammer, Buff, Veg, Hondo, Tach and me..are ones I have seen on a somewhat regular basis...

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Re: MWO Nov 6 Patch

Post by Bronurstomp »

So it looks like 8 to me. Tach is iffy but he can drop. That about sums it up, so should we consider recruiting?

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