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Community Warfare

Post by Bronurstomp »

Hello everyone.
Happy new Year! :cheers:

It was a joy to have a full lance again last night. I'm glad everyone is feeling better.

Where do we stand now that the prospect of the impending Community Warfare is nearly upon us?
Did we ever agree on a unit name etc...?


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Re: Community Warfare

Post by Hammer »

the last we had something of a consensus on was Heavy Metal Militia.

other ideas were:
3rd Regimental Combat Team
1st Battlemech Squadron
Bloody Half Hundred (50th Heavy Cavalry Battalion)
Hammer's regiment (not a nod to me, but Col. Alois Hammer!)
Hammer's Slammers (not a nod to me or Slamhammer, but Col. Alois Hammer!)
Red Lancer Guard
Regimental Life Guard
Regimental Lighthorse Guard
151st Light Horse Regiment (Dark Horse Regiment)

I wonder if they will let us use Hansen's Roughriders (yes, a nod to BH)?

I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel for Community Warfare. is there an update?

do we maybe want to start aligned with a house and move to merc later?

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Re: Community Warfare

Post by VEGETA »

I posted the below in the clan threads but hey seams some missed it. but its info in release and such of community warfare. Ie there is a light. ... er-sphere/ ... dec-22013/

they have some data on that bit. these are good reads. I agree its a lot later then hoped but its in works atleast.

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Re: Community Warfare

Post by Bronurstomp »

This is rather interesting:


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Re: Community Warfare

Post by BlackHawk*K »

cool find Bron.

from what i understand. UI2.0 may come out week after next. i did the test server thing last week, it was interesting and not all bad. at least they addressed one of my concerns in the latest command chair post. you can find the post here: ... try3074721

it looks like there will be more stuff added to the game before Community Warfare is finally implemented. hopefully it will go quicker, after all thats the WHOLE reason why they had to rebuild the UI in the first place. with UI2.0 they are supposed to be able to modularize the things they are working on and able to implement them with a lot less work.

with the patch they had yesterday, finally some of the armor mods hit a few of the mechs i use. ( stalker, Blackjack) i like the re-tweaked armor config better.

im good for any unit name we agree on really. im not picky, but if you go with Hansen's Roughriders, then our battle cry will be "UFFDA"! its a Scandinavian term which means overwhelmed... or in my case 'oh shit!' :P

Chris Hansen
AKA BlackHawk*K

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