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experience levels

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if you want to know if you have basics or elites or have mastered a 'mech, but do not own it any more you can look in your profile online, go to stats, and look at 'mech stats. remember there is a pull down for archived experience and current experience. some 'mechs may be listed in both of those categories.

to finish basics you would have to have earned 14,250 experience points total.

to finish elites you would have to have earned 35,750 experience points total.

to have mastered a 'mech you would need to have earned 55,250 experience points total.

I decided to write this up because it ticks me off that since UI 2.0 you cannot see experience on 'mechs that you do not own in game any more. the only way is through the web site in your profile. hopefully this helps some of you out.

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Re: experience levels

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im Glad you posted this Hammer! i know we were talking about this not long ago. but it slipped my mind about posting it!

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