hmmmm.... maybe this is the problem?

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hmmmm.... maybe this is the problem?

Post by BlackHawk*K »

those of you who play with me, hear me often talk about things that a lot of you guys may not experience often.

things like shooting a mech and no damage, even shut down mechs. getting shot in the front from behind ( even side torso of mechs that its hard to shoot side torso from behind). taking damage from a shot you didnt see even after you ducked behind cover.

we talked about it. and always guessed it was the HSR thing.

after reading threw the Star Citizen forums, i ran across a thread where people are having a problem with what they call ESP.
( apparently using controllers such as joysticks and game pads, it was very difficult hold on target. the shots tended to jump all over and you couldnt focus your fire well enough. ESP i guess was designed to stabilize this. while the player was the main control of aiming, ESP would reduce the jumping while you had your target in your field of view cone.)
since this last patch, some people are having a very hard time playing AC with the new version of ESP. while its only a small number of folk who are having issues, it is enough to drive the dev who designed ESP to comment on the post and he stated something interesting.

"I have a theory that the majority of issues we're seeing are the result of the physics step time that's reported to ESP not being the actual physical step time. There is a known bug in CryEngine where this can sometimes be the case. "

of course i would never expect PGI to admit that this may be a bug in the game they know about. but, after reading this, i wonder if this may not be something i experience playing MWO. if HSR is designed in a similar manner as ESP. i wonder if my syncing is just a little out of step with the servers.

anyways. i just found this interesting and could possibly explain some of the issues in MWO that i was only guessing at before.

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