The Reseen Unseen Seen again

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The Reseen Unseen Seen again

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"The re-designing of the unseen BattleMechs that was accomplished as part of Project Phoenix was the right option at that time. It ensured those BattleMechs were usable by the community in both Technical Readouts and miniatures form as we thoroughly explored the unfolding plot lines of the Jihad Era.

"However, as FanPro—and then Catalyst—continued to exploring the full breadth of the BattleTech history in Historical, Era and Field Manual sourcebooks, it became more apparent that the solution that worked so well for post-3067 left the ’Mech berths empty for previous time periods, especially the Succession Wars. After years of weighing the pros and cons, we’ve made the decision to not just dip our toes in the pool, but to leap into the deep end: straight out of the DropShips into a hot LZ!"

See link below for more:


Bring on, I say, bring on that Phoenix Hawk already.
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Re: The Reseen Unseen Seen again

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pretty cool - I just might buy the beat pdf (and then you get the release for free). but as usual in everything Battletech even from FASA days - their editors suck. two grammatical errors in these two paragraphs below! bummer that even in this day and age they still cannot put something in print without errors.

For Ezra Payne and the Stealthy Tiger mercenaries, professionalism is everything. Hired to assist in the bitter, bloody fighting on the planet Hall, they quickly earn a decisive victory for their employer. They settle afterward in for a needed period of rebuilding, and a few months’ peace before moving on to the next contract.

But their respite does not last. More mercenaries, hired by the Allied Mercenary Command itself, land on Hall. They believe the Tigers’ employer to be league with the Word of Blake, a shadowy interstellar organization that worships technology, and which has been building its own empire among the worlds around Terra.

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