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Engineering Reports

Post by Tach Deneva » 03 Mar 2010, 13:06

New on the STO forums: Engineering Reports

March 3rd 2010:

In Testing

* Respec options
* Ground anomalies are not consistently giving the correct level resources
* PVP Queue updates
* Fleet Actions will be level banded so that players in the map are within range of each other to make scoring fairer.
* Renaming your account @name
* AI pathing and mission fixes for Cage of Fire (Bajoran Fire Caves)
* Unique items should not be allowed to be equipped multiple times on the same character.
* Klingon stores selling items for the wrong currency
* Leveling up and Promotion bugs
* Klingon skill tree review to remove reference to Fed skills
* Additional Federation and Klingon Bridges
* Klingon Star Cluster missions
* Additional Star Cluster mission types
* Klingon ship customization for T0 and T5 ships
* New Fleet Actions and Fleet Action updates for both Fed/Klingon (DS9 Invasion, Gorn Minefield, Breaking the Planet, Romulan Temple, Crystalline Entity)
* Borg Special Task Forces (For Fed and Klingon players)
* Klingon access to Borg Sector
* Multi-faction Borg Deepspace encounters (Fed+Klg players vs Borg)
* More emotes
* More Fed ship variants
* New Klingon Cruiser
* Race specific transporter FX
* Off Duty Outfits
* Updates to the ship selection rooms
* Removing the bug where missions would sometimes get stuck in partial complete progress
* Rereleasing iPVP maps
* Players getting trapped in geometry in the mission TRAPPED

Under Investigation

* Loading screens freezing the client
* Players will sometimes encounter mobs much higher than expected in Deepspace encounters
* Skill descriptions that are confusing or incorrect (on a per case basis)
* Latency when moving around inventory
* Long load times when entering Sol System or Earth Space Dock
* /Stuck command not working in all cases
* Objective griefing on the Borg Hunt PVP maps
* Klingon stores not selling expected items
* Weapon beam FX do not stop and attach to the player as they move around the map
* Admiral Zelle issues on the Divide et Impera mission
* Temple Offerings mission is not completing properly
* Updating the timers on Klingon repeatable missions
* Faction settings are not being applied properly and powers like “Seduceâ€
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Post by VEGETA » 03 Mar 2010, 13:41

n Development

* Death Penalty Options

interesting if its a option then most would be happy and a few cry babyes will say its not fare, all need to suffer. PDT_Armataz_01_02

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Post by Softball » 03 Mar 2010, 16:57

* Players getting trapped in geometry in the mission TRAPPED

Oh the irony! Lol.


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Post by Tach Deneva » 04 Mar 2010, 05:54

New in today's patch:

"Buffs are now cleared when transferring between ground and space. Prior to this change users could inappropriately use kit powers to buff their ship by quickly transferring from their bridge back to space. This will also prevent Tribble buffs from being applying to your ship."

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Post by Buffalo Six » 04 Mar 2010, 06:29


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