1st team run thru on Infected

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1st team run thru on Infected

Post by Buffalo Six » 05 Apr 2010, 14:53

Ok so on Sat. Tach, Hondo, Veg and myself did the Infected STF (special task force). I had already done the 1st part which is a space battle, but I dropped it to start fresh with the crew. We picked up someone who was looking for a team (and who had been thru it before on a different toon) and we went in.

Part 1: Battle of the Transwarp Gate

We zone in and its Veg in his Escort, Abby the PUG we picked up in a Sci boat, Hondo in his Assault Cruiser, and Tach and I in Recon Sci boats. Guarding the gate are.....3 borg cubes and some spheres and probes.

The transwarp gate consists of the gate and 3 smaller looking gates listed as "transmitters" that I guess control the gates shields. As you take down the borg spawns, the shields go down on the big gate for a short time so you can shoot it.

Anyway...we start taking down the initial spawn of borg and everyone does well and no one goes down I think. With the initial spawn down the top transmitter is open for destruction which we proceed to do. Next borg spawn takes place right in front of the gate, this time 16 or so probes. We position our selves on the back side of the gate and wait for the borg to come to us.

Scramble sensors works wonders here, gettign the borg to do our work for us a bit by beating the hell out of each other. So beat on spawns, then beat on gate, rinse and repeat.......a couple of us died here and there but we got thru this stage pretty easy......even the tactical cube went down without much fuss.

Station 84......Infected
Now we get into the ground game.....and at this point its 4 noobs (us) and 1 guy who did it before, the PUG Abby. Basically its borg.....waves and waves of borg. There are these generators that keep them from really dieing so while you are pushing back waves of borg and borgified crewmates, you have to find and kill these "nodes", which are usually located well behind said waves and waves of borg.

Now when i did this STF last week...we cleared the 1st room and half the team quit over team wipes. So other than the 1st room and hallway....I was tumbleweed. The ground combat takes place on what is really the same map as Earth Space Dock. You zone in in the bar area, and have to foght around the ring until you can turn to the center (the center halls are not there like on SOL SS, but you get the idea of the layout) and I must say....we did really well here.

I think all the PvP gound battles we have been doing on the Klink side really helped us out here. After the initial "WTF....holy cow here they come" moment.....we all settled down into our rolls. We'd hit the wave....hold, thin them out some....give ground....thin some more and then push hard to clear the area. Veg and Hondo laying down sheets of fire (Veg is Tac, Hondo is Eng) while Tach and I were throwing holds down left and right. Abby was....well I think healing...I was too damn busy to notice. We'd hold the wave...send 1 or 2 in behind them to find the node, kill it and fall back etc...

The borg have a tendency to beam in behind you, which can be a pain, but we handled it fine. I think overall we had people go down along the way but we didnt panic and I dont think we ever had a team wipe....which is saying something.

We fought the 1st boss which was a little bad but got thru it after haveing to fall back and think for a second...then we went deeper and got to the queen..........

Romper Room
The Queens room consists of a central platform with 4 platforms in the corners that are accessed by way of boxes floating in a sea of plasma. Each platform is defended, and each holds a thingy that you need 3 people to interact with at the same time to drop the shields in order to upload a virus to drop the queens shield so you can defeat her.

So....we charge in, take the center platform, which by the way is in range of all the other platforms so you are under fire all the time. We take the center....oh and if you die, and respawn.....you are locked out of the room till the party wipes and you have to start over again......

So....we take the center. Hondo and Veg start to camp that spot trying to clear out the other platforms. Abby, Tach and I go hopping across the boxes to the corners to upload the virus....

Our 1st attempt was a failure, I think Tach fell in the plasma on a jump, then Veg got knocked in, Abby missed a box and Hondo and I then tried to get the last virus and we didnt get it done and all the sheilds went back up.....start over.

2nd attempt went much better. Again Hondo and Veg held the center while we 3 went to the corners. I found the fastest way to clear the borg was a rifle butt to the head and knock them into the plasma. we cleared 3 corners and got 3 uploads when heading to the last one...I got hit mid jump with knock back and landed in the plasma.....instadeath. I'm on the outside looking in thru a force field when the queen come out. So I didnt see how this fight went down. She moved to the center then for whatever reason came right at me and I could see her attacking me, but I was on the otherside and took no damage, although I was takign damage from the plasma grenades they were throwing at her. The fight didnt last too long and boom we win!

I got a purple drop others got some stuff...Tach got a stick in the eye....not sure why he didnt get a end drop.

So we got it done in a little more than 2 hours and I for one had fun, and will be looking to do it again. So Softball, Gator, and Ghost....get yoru RA5s ready and lets go kick some borg ass!

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Re: 1st team run thru on Infected

Post by Tach Deneva » 06 Apr 2010, 04:48

Buffalo Six wrote:Abby was....well I think healing...I was too damn busy to notice.
She had an exogeologist kit, too - with the lava attack.
Buffalo Six wrote:I got a purple drop others got some stuff...Tach got a stick in the eye....not sure why he didnt get a end drop.
Cuz the devs hate Klingons and they know it was me that got you guys playing them. PDT_Armataz_01_10
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