New and Improved! Midichlorian-X!

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New and Improved! Midichlorian-X!

Post by Tach Deneva » 06 Dec 2011, 07:30

Has the fun on your home world been sapped by sanctimonious Jedi? Or perhaps your planet suffers from a surfeit of unsightly and sinister Sith?

Try new and improved Midichlorian-X today!

Midichlorian-X effectively neutralizes Force-using pests by altering the genetic structure of the midi-chlorians that, in high enough concentrations, allow certain individuals to access the wonderful and mysterious and all too frequently annoying Powers of the Force! Simply introduce Midichlorian-X into your planet's biosphere, then sit back and watch as all the troublesome Force-users on your planet quickly discover that the Force is no longer with them!

Midichlorian-X is guaranteed to rid your world of 100% of Force-users - or your credits back!

Don't delay! Order one decalitre of Midichlorian-X today and we'll throw in a second decalitre - and this handsome Landspeeder Control Panel Simulated Bantha Hide veneer - for free!
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