Arena Commander 1.0 update

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Arena Commander 1.0 update

Post by BlackHawk*K »

Arena commander 1.0 update was released yesterday afternoon.

WARNING, this build created a disconnect issue with their servers!!

find official info about it here: ... 0-Released

all of the Auroras are now flyable.

all mustangs are purchasable and flyable.

all Hornet variants are flyable.

the Avenger and the Cutlass Black is now flyable ( Cutlass lost the gun turret on top for now. probably because it can only fly 1 player anyways.)

now some personal observations.

they changed the look and movement of your person in the hanger and in AC. he has hair now and a different suit and face. his animations are different as well. you seem to no longer have a helmet in the hanger. but you do have it on in AC.

in AC, you now have a sidearm. if you eject, or land on the little landing pad by the big terraformer, you can equip it by using your scroll wheel, or the scroll wheel button ( i was just pushing things...) CAUTION: you can destroy your ship and kill yourself. so be careful LOL.

they have put in a whole pile of controller options and settings, including ::::drum roll::: the awaited clear action thing. unfortunately, i havnt been able to stay logged in long enough to fully explore it.

they changed some weapon fire colors and sounds. as well as added a bunch of weapons. including the 'suckerpunch' ( a quick note about this gun. it seems to be a ECM weapon and dosnt do any damage, it just makes your target lose control of their systems for a time...)

still a lot of other smaller bugs as well. a lot of things still need polished. i think this would be a great patch IF THEY CAN GET THE LOGIN ISSUE FIXED! ( as far as i know, they are still working on it.)

the login issue is frustrating. BUT, if you still want to get a look around, i suggest logging in exactly on the hour or the half hour. this is because for now, they are resetting the servers every half hour to at least allow us to log in and look around why they figure out what the hell is going on....

i will post once this build becomes stable and will add more opinions and observations here...

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Re: Arena Commander 1.0 update

Post by Hammer »

"WARNING, this build created a disconnect issue with their servers!!"

it is not like you could play if you did not update though.

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Re: Arena Commander 1.0 update

Post by BlackHawk*K »

an update on AC 1.0

its seems they made some progress.

"Zyloh-CIG Zyloh-CIG
Posted: 10:09AM
Hey everyone!

Quick update!

A temporary hotfix has been put in that should help alleviate some of the connection issues. The automatic restarts have been bumped up to hourly, instead of every 30 minutes. This should allow you all to have more access to playing the game. Keep in mind this is still a temporary solution and a more permanent fix is being worked on right now.

Thanks everyone!"

i can confirm that if you launch at the top of the hour ,i got a full 50 minute game play before the server reset. that included going into free flight, and then going into race mode.

i can also confirm the that setting up the controls, as well as getting rid of unwanted bindings is much easier now. you double click to reset binding with left mouse button. to unbind, you click once to highlight the binding, then RIGHT click it to clear it.

i was able to get my Hotas mostly setup again. ( still have a few things to do though).

EDIT: Playing around a little more, i discovered they have a built in control profile exporter now. its located where the preloaded profiles are setup. it exports both keyboard/mouse and joystick bindings. when you import those bindings, you get a box that pops up that allows you to import key/mouse or just joystick, or both. (when the box appears, it will have 4 smaller boxes. the 2 on the left should have keyboard on top and the joystick below. on the RIGHT side, click on the box and that is where you have an option to choose what you wish to import)

in Arena Commander, to select what ship you want to take, you must first select multilayer or drone sim. on the lower left, you should see a ship in a box, select the box to get a drop down menu of any ships that are flyable for you.

things seem a LOT more stable then before, but not perfect. but, at least its progress.

EDIT: you should wait about 5 minutes after you get disconnected before you retry to connect. also, you will need to shut down the launcher and restart it, otherwise it goes strait to the disconnect box. ( i believe you have to re-log back into the server.) if you find yourself with the disconnect box. you can alt F4 to shut it down, but, it takes a few seconds. ALSO, if you find that you get a BLACK screen after you launch and nothing else, and/or your labels look messed up. set your language to ENGLISH in the LAUNCHER SETTINGS. this will fix this.

i just pulled another 50 minute run. and it seemed stable while it was up.

IF, you find you have issues such as weird weapon load outs, or weapons and equipment is missing in either the ships or the HOLO table. DELETE your star citizen/CitizenClient/USER folder. this will reset everything back to basic. WARNING!:this will DELETE any screenshots in the screenshot folder. this will also delete your current controller configuration. so make sure you export your controller config BEFORE you delete the USER folder.

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