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handle names for star citizen

Posted: 21 Dec 2014, 22:40
by BlackHawk*K
hi all.

i figured might was well get a data base going since they are talking about lobbies and getting a friend system setup in the game.

you have 2 names in the game. the first is the character name. the second is the handle ( its your account identity.)

you can now follow people on their Forum profiles on the website. to do this, click the 'MY RSI' in the upper right of the page. on the left of the drop down that follows, you should see two tabs. 'account' and 'contacts' click 'contacts. at the bottom of the drop down click 'Add citizen to your list' at the top by the magnifying glass type the HANDLE name and select from the list.

Edit: after a little testing today, i went into Spectrum part of Arena commander ( spectrum is the multiplayer part where drone is the single player) hosted a private match, and you can see all the names of the people you added on the website. you also can see if they are 'online/offline' this should make multiplayer matches a bit easier.

here is the list i have compiled so far.

Character name - Handle

Archlight - Darkeagle7
Bazooka Jack - BazzJaxx
BlackHawk Kalasa - BlackHawkK ( was bhkalasa, but i changed it to make it more simple. so if you new and need to add me, use the BlackHawkK name... if you already have me added your SC should automaticly update to my new name.)
Bronurstomp - Bronur
Hammer - Hammer_RLG
Metaliman - Metaliman
Mr.Skinner - MR_SKINNER
Slamhammer - Slamhammer
Staark - Staark
Zinlu - Zinlu
Grifter- Grifter-RLG

if any of the above names need corrected, or if your not on the list and have Star citizen. please leave a comment below and i will edit the list.

Re: handle names for star citizen

Posted: 11 Sep 2015, 16:55
by Grifter
Hey BlackHawk.

Community Name: Grifter
Handle: Grifter-RLG

Re: handle names for star citizen

Posted: 11 Sep 2015, 18:09
by BlackHawk*K
the list has been updated Grifter!

Re: handle names for star citizen

Posted: 12 Sep 2015, 15:48
by Grifter
That looks like a squad in the making to me.