Aurora MR owners!

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Aurora MR owners!

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if anyone here purchased a Aurora MR package. they can now do a cross chassis upgrade to the Mustang Alpha for free. ... duct_id=66

what are the benefits?

Aurora MR

can have 2 main weapons mounts and 1 rocket launcher mount.
2 - class 1, size 2 mounts on the whiskers(nose)- ( class 1 means fixed weapon. but can carry size 2 weapons in that location. but, it comes with size 1 weapons.
1 - class 3, size 2 mount on the top(dorsal) - (class 3 are missiles. this variant does not come with a missile rack or missiles.)
top speed is 150
ship DOES come with store-all mini cargo pod( 16 freight units), even though its not seen in the hanger.

Mustang Alpha

the 2 main weapons on on a turret under the cockpit, the optional other 2 weapons equip onto the wings. there is no option for missiles.
1 - class 4 turret mount - holds 2 class 1- size 1 weapons. (under cockpit)
2 - class 1, size 2 mounts (located on the wings, does not come with them.)
does not come with class 3 missile weapons.
ship speed is 200
ship does NOT come with store-all mini, but it will be an option for this ship. it will store under the main body of the ship.

thought it was kind of interesting and thought i would share the option if anyone was interested.

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