things to know about the option menu ( in AC1.0 and hanger)

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things to know about the option menu ( in AC1.0 and hanger)

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Options/game settings

(i didnt know about this one until earlier today. thought i would share it.)
you can now toggle wether you want a LEAD PIP or a LAG PIP (a Pip is the small circle or box that shows where you need to aim your weapons to hit.) the difference is, that a LEAD pip will be ahead of your target, its represented by a circle or box and your objective is to put your reticule on the circle or box. the LAG pip follows behind your target and the objective is to drag the pip onto your target. the results are the same and both systems are your targeting computer helping you lead your target. ( personally prefer the lead pip. often when using a lag pip you cant see your target to drag the pip to it, especially if its below your dash. the lead pip you will be able to see on your screen, even though you cant see actual target.)

most of the other controls under Game Settings/ Video/ Audio are self explanatory.

Options/ Controls

this is the area you use to invert an axis or function. at the lower section there is an area to adjust for sensitivity.

Options/ Keybinding

this is the area you bind your keys for the keyboard, mouse, game pad or joystick.
( they now have an export feature, i recommend exporting your settings after you are done. if by chance, you have to delete the USER folder, its nice to be able to just import your control setup again and you should be good to go.)
you also now have the ability to unbind keys as well.

if anyone has any questions post them here and i will do my best to answer.

( do you guys think this is sticky worthy? if so how do you do it?)

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