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sales and stuff...

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if anyone is interested.

due to tax like things in the EU. they are making a bunch of limited sale ships open right now...

info here: ... -Ship-Sale

the super hornet is an awesome fighter... but, yea.... not getting that one soon lol.

but the mustang delta is a really great ship. for now this will be the only time to get one.
but never fear, i believe you can cross chassis upgrade to one if you really want one.

there is a whole crap pile of CCUs and its possible to get a ship for a few bucks cheaper then the actual pledge if you do it right.
( i got the aurora MR for 20 on sale and CCUed it to the mustang alpha for free... )

there is some stuff in voyager direct. but i doubt anyone is interested too much in that stuff...

the big thing i noticed is that they now sell missile racks for the 300 series ships. ( the 325 is the only one that comes with them... ) it will fit the 300, the 315, and the 350.

for the hornet, there is the front turret available. ( used to be on the trainer, but since they released the variants, it only comes on the super hornet now...) so you can add 2 more gimbled weapons on the front of a hornet variant.

thats all i have for now...
if anyone notices something i missed, please add it here.

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