Persistent Uninverse panel

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Persistent Uninverse panel

Post by BlackHawk*K »

CIG recently did a PU panel on whats to be expected in the game. take a look if you inclined to learn whats coming. ( warning, lengthily videos...)

panel 1: ... You-Choose

panel 2: ... hing-World

panel 3: ... hing-World

some things i took away from it:

it looks like they are trying to get the FPS module out sometime around March. the Social module late March or April.

Arena commander will be removed from when you enter you ships in hanger, instead you will have a 'sim pod' in your hanger. if you wish to access Arena commander you simply step inside your sim pod.

the Social module will include actual friends in the game. ( right now its more like a follow status.) you will send out a friend request and it will be accepted or declined. at this point, you will be able to allow friends to visit your hanger. you will also be able to visit a world, there you can visit a bar or visit stores. in the stores you will be able to use your modi glass to view items ( at first you wont be able to purchase items due to no in game economy.)

there was a really cool video of how they think they are going to handle jump points. you can find it here:

and they are starting work on a star map. you can see a quick video here:

so here are my thoughts as to WHY they are going in these stages..

i think the FPS module will help lay the way on how we will interact with each other in the Social module. i think the Social module will be the groundwork for the multi-crew ships. so once they get this done... then maybe slamhammer can finally fly his connie :) lol

will add to this if i missed something.

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