Fly all current Arena commander ships!

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Fly all current Arena commander ships!

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for a week, you are able to fly ALL current flyable ships in Arena commander.
( details here: ... able-Ships)

the ship list includes:

Aurora CL
Aurora ES
Aurora LN
Aurora LX
Aurora MR
F7C Hornet
F7C-M Super Hornet
F7C-R Tracker
F7C-S Ghost
M50 Interceptor
Mustang Alpha
Mustang Beta
Mustang Delta
Mustang Gama
Mustang Omega
Cutlass Black

so if you were eyeballing something and wanted to try it out. here is your chance!! ( keep in mind that the AC is changing all the time. due to bug fixes and balancing issues. also, in the combat modes of AC, everything is centered around military type ships... :::COUGH,COUGH,HORNET,COUGH::: once they add more features to the AC, the non military type ships will start being far more useful.)

also another cool thing i guess a lot of people didnt know about, in Freeflight mode, there is a landing pad. ( when 1.1 is released their will be 8 of them.) if you can land on it, you can get out of your ship and do a walk around. its located near the terraform thing in the center.


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