1.1.0 new weapon mount system implimented.

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1.1.0 new weapon mount system implimented.

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weapon mounts, fixed ( is aimed by the movement of your ship.) vs. gimbled (usually uses the mouse to aim, but is independent of your ship movement).

fixed mount sizes is dictated by the mounting point on the ship. for example. if the mounting point is a size 1 then the fixed mount can only be a size on. if the mounting point is a size 2, then you can use a size 2 or size 1 fixed mount in that location. size 3 mounting point can use a size 3,2 and 1 sized fixed mount.

gimbled mounts are different. if you have a size 1 mounting slow. you can only use a size 1 gimble mount. size one gimble mounts is the only gimble mount that can attach the same sized weapon. example: size 1 mount, size 1 gimble, size 1 weapon. if you have a size 2 mounting spot and you use a size 2 gimble mount you can still only use a size 1 weapon. ( after size 1, the weapon size is 1 lower then the gimble mount size.) example. size 2 mount, size 2 gimble, size 1 weapon... for size 3 mounts, the example is size 3 mount, size 3 gimble, size 2 weapon.

turrets i think have some similarities but may be different, i will have to look more into the turrets. but seems to me at least on the front turret on the mustang Delta, that since the location where the turret is located is a size 1-2 mount, the turret is a size 2 but i can only attach size 1 weapons on the turret.

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