PTU patch 1.1.1 or better known as 1.1.A

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PTU patch 1.1.1 or better known as 1.1.A

Post by BlackHawk*K »

some interesting things in this pre-patch.

( the pre-patch or PTU is a very basic, possibly buggy version of arena commander that they put out to try, if you wish, before they go live with it. details of how to access this is on the RSI web site.)

first thing to note, is that the Gladiator is now flyable.

the second thing is that some ships secondary turret gunners are now active. ( such as the Gladiator, the Cutlass, and the Super Hornet.)
so in at last free flight mode, you can now have a gunner in your ship.

a really cool easter egg is that they allowed constellation owners to drop with their ships in space. you cant fly or use the turrets in the conie yet, however you can operate the cargo bay area and get out and EVA around your ship.

a LOT of character animations have been added. such as zeroGee push off effects ect.

it looks like they added a LOT to do with AC 2.0 and the FPS aspect in this patch and are testing it out.

if they can keep this pace, this progress, this should end up being on hell of an interesting game.

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