Player test universe 1.1.2

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Player test universe 1.1.2

Post by BlackHawk*K »

just a quick note on the PTU 1.1.2.

looks like they fixed the Aurora LN wing hard points. they are back on the ships.

i tried the first phase of the tutorial.

needless to say, it has some bugs. but this is a pre-alpha release so it comes with the territory.

i think this addition will be very helpful for new players. i still have the other 2 phases to go threw... but the first one was fun for what it was. if this is a preview of what S42 will be like. this could end up very fun. especially if we can do Co-op in S42.

i will let you know when i complete the other 2 sections.

the first thing to note about it. is you get to fly the fighting ship the Aegis Gladius. its the light fighter that was well used before the anvil hornets came on the scene. its a light fighter. very quick and fun to fly. although the fire power is a bit lacking IMHO.

thats it for now. will let you guys know more as i get to it.


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