My Gamescom 2015 review.

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My Gamescom 2015 review.

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the Star Citizen presentation in the gamescom 2015 was pretty interesting in my opinion.

sense most of you dont seem to enjoy huge long videos. i kind of broke it down to a few points of interest below. this is just my opinions on certain aspects of what i seen and how i understand them. if you find any mistakes or anything else, please post a response!

the main highlights of the presentation are listed below.

-- Social module.
-- new zoning system.
-- multicrew demo.
-- large scale world.
-- the SC HOTAS

the social module.
this is the first step in getting us out of our hangers. its also, one of the first steps for the FPS module. once the Social module is launched, you and around 19 others will be able to leave you hanger and go to the first planet side location in SC. ARC CORP. here we will be able to check out the in game chat system, emotes and store locations. even though, on the first pass, you wont be able to buy anything until later, you will be able to visit the stores and look around. the stores include Cubby Blast (personnel weapons), the medical unit ( where you go to get medical supplies or where you wake up when you 'die'), the job well (where you officially look for jobs), the G-Loc bar (another place to look for work and social environment), Astro Armada (new ship sales), Casaba outlet (personnel clothing) and Dumper's Depot (ship repair and used parts).
if you would like to see an example of this click this link here:

the new Zoning system.
this is part of the multi crew demo. the idea behind it. is to break down large spaces into zones, in other words boxes in boxes. each box, will have its own gravity and physics and can separate its self from other boxes. in the current system, if you played around in the AC free flight, you will notice, even if you board a multi crew ship. unless your locked into a turret or a seat in the ship. you tend to fly around and sometimes even die because the game is unsure what to do with your physical form. with the zoning system however. as soon as you go into a ship. you leave the outside universe, ( the big box) and enter a smaller zone that is inside your ship. ( with its own gravity.) and this allows for a much smoother game play mechanic. it also helps with the larger world issues of the system of having to keep track of everything going on at once. with the zone system, it is now cut up into smaller more manageable chunks that can be taken care of one system, and then only small amount of details need to be transferred to the large universe system.

Multi-crew demo.
this showed a great example of what multi crew in a larger ship will be like. it has examples of the new Zoning system, a great example of large maps, and the first look at how quantum drive works. this demo also showed how EVA will work and how the crew in a large ship can have control over different systems. there was also an example of multi crew vs multi crew ship combat at the end of the demo.

large scale maps.
during the demo. the map they used, if flow in current AC standards, using the fastest current ship. would take somewhere over 2 hours to fly across. but with the example of quantum drive. it only takes a minute, if that.

to see examples of the new zoning system, large scale maps and the multi-crew demo. click this link here.


CIG has teams up with Saitek to create a SC branded HOTAS.
the main thing that interests me about this new setup is the inclusion of trackballs in both the joystick and throttle. im wondering how big the learning curve would be to use both a stick to fly the ship, and a trackball to use gimbled weapons will be. at this point it looks like they are going to produce 2 versions of a SC HOTAS, the first one will be an entry level somewhere around $150 but, they are also showing and example of it attached to a keyboard setup with some other control added to the back. im unsure how much that setup would cost. the second stick was called a x65 stick. there were very little details about it.

here is a link to a website that has some pictures of the new SC HOTAS: ... y-gorgeous

when watching and reading about the goals of CIG in creating SC in the open sand box. one of my biggest concerns was, how are they going to integrate so many things going on into a single massive online system. the only real experience i have had with a cryengine game was MWO. and in my opinion they still have problems with hit detection with just 12 players. and thats not even talking about lag issues. for me, the zoning system makes sense. it looks like they are going to attempt to tackle this issue with having sub systems handle most of the dirty work. and a universe system or server just deal with minimal data that comes from each sub system. in my mind this could work. but, im not a network systems guy. so someone would have to tell me if im out in left field with a football bat or not. the social module to me just shows me the meat and potatoes of how social interactions may be handled in the universe. it will be nice to be able to do something besides walk around your hanger. but it didnt excite me that much and came across as a necessary step in getting the game up and going. i assume one of many steps. what excited me the most, was the large maps. as a explorer minded player ( so far...) man that sounds fun! i would love to jump in my 315P and just fly around out there for awhile. i also found the interaction between ships and crew members to be exciting as well. and i think it shows and example on how game play may be in the PU.

anyways that my 2 cents on what i seen.
hoped you enjoyed the show.

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