AC alpha 1.3 released.

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AC alpha 1.3 released.

Post by BlackHawk*K » 23 Oct 2015, 17:27

visually not a huge amount changed in this patch, some flight dynamics have been tweaked. ballistics projectile speed is slower and they beefed up shield and armor some on the ships. in the social module ( arccorp or area 18 ) they opened up a few new places, added some buggies to drive around and you can now die and respawn. ( this is important because its the first iteration of death/respawn for the baby PU and FPS)

most of the work on this build is all under the hood. basically they combined all the small parts into this build. they also included the dynamic local gravity, although not fully implemented. ( so if you on a space station you have one local gravity, but each ship will have its own unique gravity inside the ship.)

they added some size 4 weapons and a new size 2 rail gun. not much else going on.

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