2.6 wave 1 on PTU

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2.6 wave 1 on PTU

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(note: Evocati, while still being under NDA, are now allowed to talk about 2.6 content ONLY, since it has now been released on the public player test universe.)

after a very Cringe worthy holiday live stream, they released 2.6 to the PTU wave 1 players. mainly the Evocati and subscribers. plus others who played a lot of PTU and submitted Bug reports.

2.6 includes,

Space marines. the first person shooter aspect in arena commander.
a total of 24 players can play in SM at this time.

SM offers both station combat and EVA combat in the same maps.

( keep in mind that Arena Commander is the Game in the Game so respawns and other things like that will happen)

there are 2 game modes in SM currently, Elimination and Last Stand.

Elimination mode is everyone vs everyone. points are awarded by damage given and kills. with special bonus of killing 5 people without a death.

last stand mode is Team vs Team. each team is tasked with capturing and holding 4 control points on the map. you play a total of 4 rounds per game. points are awarded for capturing and defending the team member capturing the control points. team points are awarded by holding the control points during the given time.

there are 2 maps for each game mode in SM.
you have OP station Demien. its the smaller map of the 2, based on a space station. there is an open area where EVA can be performed to get to areas quicker then going around the walk ways.
Echo Eleven is much larger asteroid type map. kind of split into 2 sides. EVA is needed for the most part to get between the 2 sides.

Flight Mechanic changes.

Flight mechanics have changed in a major way. you have lower SCM (space combat mode) speeds then in 2.5 and earlier builds. Cruse mode is no longer a flight mode, and is now achieved by using AB ( after burn) to go beyond SCM speeds. you will continue using boost/AB fuel as long as your are maneuvering. but if you are going in a strait line, once you release AB, you will continue at your new cruise speed. as you increase speed beyond SCM your maneuvering controls will decrease. the idea behind this, is that as you go beyond SCM speeds, your flight computer will not let you maneuver beyond what your body can handle due to G-forces.

Weapon changes.

Due to lower SCM speeds, weapons have decreased shots per second. but feel a bit more potent. also there has been some upgrades to the look of the weapons, the fire and sounds of some weapons.

persistent universe.

the PU is currently disabled until they can fix some bugs caused by new ships.

new flyable ships.

the Caterpillar is now flyable in 2.6 ( its huge!)
the new Origin 85x snub fighter is now in and flyable.
the Drake Harald info runner is now in and flyable.
the Vanguard Hoplite variant is now in and flyable.

as well as what i would describe as some hero variants.
the F7C Hornet Wildfire
the Sabre Comet drop ship
the Gladius Valiant patrol fighter
Avenger Titan Renegade

thats pretty much it for now. will update this as a new info comes out. <S>!

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