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holy crap

Posted: 10 Dec 2002, 17:17
by Grifter
holy crap! My friends have been playing warhammer 40k forever. It's a thoroughly detailed game with an very strong backstory with so many subplots it should have its own series of novels. Maybe it does? anyway, good stuff for all blood baths and full frontal assaults with recoiless falanx cannons and plasma rifles.

Posted: 26 Nov 2004, 04:12
by Hammer_other
I'M FOR A 40K MOD!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 26 Nov 2004, 18:40
I just posted an idea in another thread above somewhere in the general discussion or something - a modern day Desert Rats type thing, kinda like Bravo-20. Guerilla style tactics. Think about Patriot Games the movie - remember the SAS sabre team who went in and took out the terrorist camp, now you got the idea.
You could have a control element that sits behind the screen overhead satellite view type position providing some form of situational awareness and control. Let's have realistic ballistic calculations for weapons, realistic weapons employment (range and environment), realistic accuracy for AI weapons employment and tactics (special forces trained or standard infantry soldier levels of competency), nice dirty & torn battle-hardened uniforms or not so uniformal. Good individual weapons choices, and back-ups etc., total flexibility in equipment choices. Let's have the tab into location, heli drop-off, or dinghy (powered or using oars) kayaking options, and finally how about some serious HALO jumping with realistic distance 'gliding' and at night!!!! 8O . Kit to be carried for the mission to be split amongst team members, team decide what to take, but there should be a total team weight or space limit depending on insertion technique. Then individual missions undertaken with essential gear, all other kit left behind in a team hide. Or also the possibility to go into battle area in "pinkies" carrying loads of gear - isolated from HQ you would need to take a whole selection of equipment which would last you over a period of missions or maybe not last you - requiring you to scavenge as you raid in the latter stages of the mission objectives. Inter sabre team comms which could become unserviceable or intermittent over time or duew to sustained damage. The possibility to call in an air-drop with supplies or relief team, a random number generator could decide how long you have to wait for the relief or air-drop re-supply, and also the method of relief - air-drop, on foot or in pinkies or other vehicle choices such as the little 6-wheelers in JO. Hell, why not go the whole hog and devise some sort of training and qual similar to real SAS training, and further qual or trg requirement for different environments and duties such as Counter Terror Team - the expansion here is almost endless. But let's just start with the Desert Rats sabre team mod. LOL! 8)
I'd like to think I had provided an idea for running with here, if you lot are serious about doing some form of FPS which is a genre ahead of the current stuff. :wink:

Posted: 26 Nov 2004, 18:55
Oh,and one other thing, could we have some decent light, shadow, noise and movement sneakability (realistic stealth) as in Splinter Cell. So that it is more difficult to detect you in the dark and so on during night ops? Or using silenced weapons. :wink: There's a lot of satisfaction in drawing a blade across someone's silent screaming throat.
That's not much of a list is it?