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Dangerous Waters official WOF Poll

Posted: 10 Feb 2005, 19:15
by Nemisis
Ok i know there are a few of us very interested in this one guys, some already have it on Pre-order and others waiting till it's release date, so i am just trying to see exactly how many of us are DEFINITELY getting it and how many are thinking about it.

Just chose your option.

Posted: 10 Feb 2005, 21:12
by Hammer
i will not get it until the demo is out and i try it.

it looks very promising, but so have a lot of other games... FWIW, it looks like a serious extension of Jane's Fleet Command (which I still play with user mods), which is a great game!

Posted: 11 Feb 2005, 16:04
It's being repped as the Holy Grail of naval sims to date by many, and it'll be my first real approach to one. But it is already on back-order for me, and it only seems to be costing £35,- though, so I would say gentlemen, that is a friggin bargain!! 8)

Posted: 13 Feb 2005, 08:37
by Nemisis
Looking good so far 7 votes 5 definites and 2 possibles, so already we have 5 people to go OL with DW and more to come possibly.

Looks like we will have some fun in the water soon.

Posted: 14 Feb 2005, 16:35
by daofcmacg
Same here Steele. I just refuse to throw away good money on a bad game(if its bad).


Posted: 22 Feb 2005, 08:15
by Hammer_other
I'd say I'm a possible.