BF2 PRMM server bad maps

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BF2 PRMM server bad maps

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if you encounter a map that crashes you or you feel is otherwise not suitable for play, please post the name in this thread. i do need the name of the map if at all possible. otherwise let me know what time you tried to connect (and time zone). please remember this is new stuff and not necessarilly 100%, but very much worth it and to top it off the guy developing the coop stuff is helping set it up and admin'ing the server along with me. if you see him (MacNiell) please thank him!

so far i have removed from the list:

Mashtuur City - problems 'til next release
Mashtuur Night - problems 'til next release, leaving out night maps for now
Goods Station - problems 'til next release
Bocage 2005 - crashed the server upon loading
Mao Valley - too small for number of bots selected
Hamburger Hill 2005 - unplayable/difficult - SB
Karkand Night Ops - leaving out night maps for now

if you want to play you can always remote desktop to the server and cycle it to the next map. when you connect you will see the server application open in a window. the command would be "admin.runnextlevel". if you crashed before you could get the map name, before you cycle the map you can run "admin.currentlevel" to get the current map name so you can post it here.

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