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Posted: 06 Jul 2009, 12:11
by Falker
Well now , I finally found a game set in the medieval era that I like to play. It has a wizard , an archer , and a knight. The games called Trine. It’s a fun and easy game to play in your spare time. I’d say it’s mostly for kids and teenagers because it plays like a story with an open book. Check it out , it’s not a big download because it’s only 2d but the graphics aren’t that shabby and the action is alright. There some puzzle solving too. Each character has different powers and You’ll need to switch them back and forth in order to get to the next phase.

Trine Demo ... 8&id=19229

Trine Homepage

Posted: 07 Jul 2009, 07:26
by Falker
There’s a video in the upper right hand corner of the Trine home page. The video looks way more advanced then the demo I played. Hmmm , it would seem that this would be a good game for team work as shown in the video. Unfortunately , it think only platforms such as the Playstation have this option because I don’t see it on the full version of Trine I have. Maybe someday there will be a Multi Player patch for the PC. Any hoo , this game is getting more challenging as I head further into it and I’ll need to be more creative with each character , or more resourceful. It’s getting kind of hard to do this while being attacked so often , hence , it would make a good 2 player game.

Posted: 09 Jul 2009, 01:11
by Softball
Looks interesting, but I do not have the time to try any OTHER games right now. I just received ArmA 2 and that will be getting most of my time.

Posted: 10 Jul 2009, 08:18
by Falker
Maybe someday... I’m about on the 5 level and it’s gotten real interesting and challenging. Now I’m fighting off bats and large monsters. The skeletons are cracking me up too. Their like “ dieeee , yeah yeah yeah “ lol. My Archer finally got an update in power and I can use fire bow and arrows to light up the cave candles. I like this game and the adventures music playing the back ground.

I was also hoping that Brons would have a look at this thread and check it out too because he’s still playing some old old games. Heh. I’ve check out some other game demos , but nothing interesting yet. I played the Men of War demo and that was a joke Ha!. I hear there is an ArmA 2 demo out. I’ll give it a download and check it out. There was also an update on Americas Army 3. I thinks it’s ready. I didn’t know that the army made that game to get high school graduates interested in joining the military. Smooth move.

Posted: 10 Jul 2009, 10:57
by Falker
I did some more digging around and it looks like the only co-op for Trine is to plug in your own PC Game Controller like This One , and then you can add players to the game anytime.

Annoyances aside, Trine encourages you to throw ideas against it to see if they stick. Simply fooling around with the physics can be enjoyable enough on your own, but it's even better when you add one or two other players into the mix. You may not be accustomed to plugging a few controllers into your PC for some local co-op play, but Trine makes it a worthwhile act, given that the levels of fun rise when you have three players on the screen, each controlling a different hero.

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