Trine 2

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Trine 2

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Trine 2:

I have been playing this game off and on the last few weeks. The Wizard , The Thief and the Knight have been reunited for another Trine quest. It’s an entertaining puzzle solving game , fighting your way through stunning background scenery , while listening to pleasant harmony music.

Trine 2 also has multiplayer. So you can team up with your friends during this magical quest that will lead you deeper into the unforeseen challenges on the mysterious path to….

Actually , I’m not sure where this game is going .. Halfway through the game , The Witch has asked our heroes to help her out. Heck.. I just playing it , eventually they will find the dragon , and we’ll see how it works out. : )


oops , sorry , I think this should be under Miscellaneous Ground Combat.. O_o
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