Planetside 2

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Planetside 2

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i played Planetside for quite awhile. and there for some time before WoW came about, i played with the 151 boys in the european server. this game was a lot of fun in many ways, but the big downside for me, it was a monthly subscription. looks like they are going free to play on this one? hmmm. :::sigh::: so many games, so little time.....

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Re: Planetside 2

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:::sigh::: so many games, so little time.....
Story of my gaming life...

Planetside 2 looks very nice, found this video clip: LINK


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Re: Planetside 2

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BK, Next time your on PS 2 look me up. have 2 call signs: Stashe1 who is TR. And Stashe03 who is NC. currently playing on the us east server waterson. If anyone else is playing this send me an add.

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