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First F18 Flight

Posted: 01 Mar 2019, 13:52
by Grifter
So I finally got back into DCS and got into the F18. Managed a cold start, taxi, take-off....buzzed the tower despite the pattern being full...landed but I have to tweak my controls. Apparently the toe breaks on my rudder pedals aren't mapped right. Fire to right wing. Eject. Not a bad start. I have to say that flying the F18 was a breath of fresh air. Can I fly the A-10 and be combat effective in it? Sure. I can do that. But honestly, slow and unresponsive just isn't my style. I love the A10, but I'm already loving the F18 so much more and I haven't even armed the aircraft yet. Got started by watching this basic youtube video.

Very straight forward.