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Belly up to the bar, grab your favorite drink and listen to stories about the universe we play in. Be ready for some trash talkin' too, because we know what alcohol can do... This is the ROLE PLAY forum, tell your war stories, brag about your kills and victories, and lament about your defeats. Everyone is welcome but you must register first to post.

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Post by Stache » 27 Jun 2003, 03:10

Just as the bartender fills another glass for Piesure. He says, "you know I think there was an officer in here the other day that left a message for a new recruit." The bartender goes to fumbling around looking for the message card. Where did I put that thing he says out loud. Ah! here it is, left it in the register for safe keeping. ::: hand Piesure a holo-disc :::

Hope you got me email. If not let me know. Welcome to ELH.

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Post by Crickett » 27 Jun 2003, 13:04

Welcome to the ELH family SWPiesure you are now authorized to veiw the forums :D


Ps. ? what dose the SW stand for :roll:
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Post by ELH~Lancer » 29 Jun 2003, 07:57

Thats what I was wondering too! I was worried that it was one of the Stinky Weasles :o

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Post by Falker » 04 Jul 2003, 01:12

Lieutenant Falker strides through the swinging bar room doors. He give a head up to some slick chicks and walks over to the Bar tender while applying a cold stare to Piesure. He flips up a coin to some betties who were watching him with shock and aw over by the Juke Box as he planted himself on one of the bar stools.

He sits down and surveys the room with a calculating gaze before bringing his attention back to the Bar Tender. “ Who’s the new guy Jake “ Jake gives Falker an uneasy stare as he hesitates to answer. “ Unmm He’s new Falk. Really ! “ “ Says he wants to join up with ELH from what I hear.. “ Falker Grins , “ Take it easy Jake “ “ That’s fine with me. “

Falker gives a side glance over at Piesure. “ Hey Jake ! “ Yes Falker ! ? Tell him to have a good time okay “ “ We’ll see what he’s made of tomorrow on the battle field. “ “ Roger That Falker ! “ “ Oh Knock it off Jake ! “ I need you to be my eyes and ears , not some damn soldier trying to suck up to me. “

Jake nods as he starts to polish another Mug and walks off toward the other end of the Bar . “ Sorry Falk “

After Falker takes another sip of the mug that Jake passed him . He stands back up and gives a wink to the betties over at the Juke Box . As he started to make his way toward the door the gorgeous slim looking women were giggling with full smiles on their faces while whispering to one another as they admired the handsome Mech Warrior taking his leave.

Aye it's all BS , fell free to say so : )

We're in the pipe , five by five.

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