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Post by xirus » 27 May 2001, 03:15

Does anyone use one of <a href="">these</a>
especially these:

Never saw peeps using those 2 in the movies...

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Post by striderteen » 29 Nov 2001, 02:18

Well, the website does imply that the 9mm C-MAG is a new design. That would explain why not even Hollywood uses it.

Although I agree with the team's balancing-through-attachments system, I can't help but think about how cool it would be to have a full set of accessories for all the guns.


Post by striderteen » 29 Nov 2001, 02:19

As for the gun lock...Hollywood always skips/skims the boring stuff, like gun locks and seatbelts.

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Post by azsarge » 13 Feb 2004, 17:45

Ha. I hope you lads don't believe everything you see in Hollywood. (or any of it for that matter). Beleive it or not, not even those cool SEAL books you have are full of correct info. :wink:

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