Operation Cerebrus North - Mission 1

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Operation Cerebrus North - Mission 1

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There is an F/A-18C campaign that was just released for purchase and it is so far well worth the money. It comes with great documentation, intel reports, and arrival/departure procedures, etc. Very immersive and it guides you quite well to the proper triggers. Xpen may remember last night asking about the SA-11 and I gave him its capabilities--well, I got them from this campaign's intel report.

Here is mission 1. I would timestamp it but there is enough going on even en route that makes it interesting, even just banter with the lead. You can also see how lost I was haha.

"Also, I would prefer a back seater over the extra gas any day. I would have 80 pounds of flesh to eat and a pair of glasses to start a fire." --F/A-18 Hornet pilot
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