Snowfox 04.14.22

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Snowfox 04.14.22

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I tried going back for that AAA...but by myself the air threat is too high. Had to kill them then run home for gas. Decided it was better than facing (2) Su-30s with only a gun. WHen I go tback to the boat, she turned out to be in turn, and I nearly whacked the island because of it. Had to divert to Khasab.

Trichome helped me out later by taking out some bandits but then he had to go. I made it to the AAA and dropped the GBUs but they didn't blow. My cluster bombs were hung.

I eggressed out but had to fight some MiGs that were sneaking up on me. Killed them with a Sparrow then with all I had left, a gun...and then low fuel.

Made it back to Khasab with 700 lbs gas left.

"Also, I would prefer a back seater over the extra gas any day. I would have 80 pounds of flesh to eat and a pair of glasses to start a fire." --F/A-18 Hornet pilot
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