Wed Mar 31 Airfield Interdiction (continued)

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Wed Mar 31 Airfield Interdiction (continued)

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Mission briefing, mission card and recon photos will also be in your kneeboard. We also recently captured Sukhumi-Babushara and have stationed some aircraft there, so check for proximity for your flights/target areas. Continue mission by finishing the strikes at Sochi-Adler. The short runway needs attention as well as ammo and fuel dumps. There are potentially some SAM's left in the area, and AAA on the airfield proper. Watch for MAPPADS. There are also some juicy targets left at Gudauta if you have munitions left from striking Sochi-Adler.

1. Mission
Mission type: Airfield Interdiction
Situation: Enemy air activity has been high; the air threat needs to be reduced to allow us to support the ground war and strike strategic targets. We will strike Sochi-Adler. The objective is to reduce the operational capabilities of this airfield; the targets are the runways, control facilities, fuel and ammunition stores. Once these primary targets are hit, other targets of opportunity may be engaged.
2. Tac Admin
Callsigns and roles:
Anvil: airfield strike group
Ares: CAP/Escort
OOB Threats: various air threats; MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-25, MiG-29 (A and S), SU-27, SU-33, SU-30
OOB Friendly: US NAVY F/A-18C, F-14B, Pakistani JF-17, French Mirage 2000C, USAF F-15C, A-10C, F-16C, Georgian SU-25T, Ukrainian SU-33, MiG-29, German MiG-29
EMCON: Radar: standard, ECM: standard, Radio: standard
Loadout: set by flight lead for target
Target Coordinates:
Gudauta: runway 15 center N43 6.774 E40 34.232 alt 69’
fuel dump N43 5.877 E40 34.409 alt 33’
ammo dump N43 7.44 E40 33.145 alt 52’
Sochi-Adler: runway 24 center N43 26.667 E39 57.56 alt 98’
runway 06 center N43 26.679 E39 56.525 alt 98’
fuel dump N43 26.160 E39 56.269 alt 98’
ammo dump N43 26.233 E39 55.915 alt 98’
BULLS: N42 307.972 E041 52.302 (Waypoint 1)
Boom tanker Shell KC-135 268.000MHz 14X
Basket Tanker Texaco KC-135MPRS 267.000MHz 13X
Basket Tanker Arco S-3B 238.000MHz 38X
CVN-71 127.500 MHz 71X ICLS: 1
CVN-74 128.500 MHz 74X ICLS: 4
Admiral Kuznetsov 129.500Mhz
3. Adversary Info: Known SAM threats are SA-10, SA-8, SA-6, SA-15, SA-18 MANPADS. Enemy air threats as noted previously, flights of 2 or 3 aircraft, occasional coordination between enemy flights to pincer.
4. Tac Conduct:
Anvil and Voodoo to carry self-protect A2A weapons as Ares may not be able to prevent all enemy air from reaching the target area. Anvil and Voodoo to clear with Package commander before going A2G.
Ares to aggressively engage enemy air that are vectoring to target area. Do not pursue more than 40nm from target area.
Voodoo ingresses to target area first to ensure the SAM threat is null. If fuel and loadout permit after SEAD/DEAD mission complete Vodoo to provide close escort for Anvil or assist Ares at Flight lead discretion.
ROE: weapons free on enemy units, must have positive ID, civilian casualties to be avoided at all costs
Comms rules: keep comms to all flights to a minimum after package commander calls zip-lip. comms within own flight at flight lead discretion.
5. Contingencies:
Engagement: ALWAYS verify targets with AWACS, IFF or visual ID before launching; watch for friendly fire when enemy/friendlies are merged; coordinate with others to engage enemy.
Comms: as briefed
Lost Contact – Rally Point, fix comms
airfield interdiction mission card.pdf
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