IL2 ACM and Other Practice maps/missions

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Buffalo Six
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IL2 ACM and Other Practice maps/missions

Post by Buffalo Six »

Would anyone be interested in me making some practice maps for things like:

1v1 practice (it would be 2v1 with one guy bailing out so he could observe)

1v2 each way (if your the 2, then practice bounces or drag and bags etc)

2v2 (practice B 'n Z, drag and bag and weave)

Dive bombing (I suck at this)

Skip bombing

Glide bombing (I suck at this also)

Take off and landing

Carrier take off and landing

They would be little COOP missions for 2 or 3 players (3rd player as observer) and the bombing stuff and takeoff and landign stuff would be on a DF map (pearl most likely as I have that set up already)

let me know....
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Post by VEGETA »

that perl map god for the bombing practice, landings, and even 1 vs 1 and such as well. Kind of all there. that is unless you gto more in your head
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