Took a ride with the 352nd VFG Last Night

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Took a ride with the 352nd VFG Last Night

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Earlier this week i found a few of my old squades who washed up in this 352nd VFG. This is the group thats making the "Cross Channel" map for the 4091bm MOD, and it is frakk'n gorgeous! So I D/L'd their 352nd MOD, which is a little different than the AAA mod (so now I have 3 IL2 installs going on my PC, clean 408m, AAA 409b1m, and 352nd Mod)....anyway.......

We began with an hour of warm ups in a dogfight setting red vs blue and wow...I had a steep learning curve. Settings were just about full switch with cockpits always on, no wonder woman views, FEM, no map icons (blue planes...) but external views were on so that helped some. They have the tags on but to see them you have to be within 2.0 to see them and the dot view distance was also reduced (when you are able to see the plane dot in the sky) so it made you really look for the bogeys. I flames a few and was flamed a few so it was a good time. They have a few amazing pilots, one guy named Mike, is so good its scary. I'm climbing out from coming off a carrier in my Corsair and I hear another engine sound near by, I look over my right shoulder and this guy Mike is tucked in so close to me that his prop is just outside my right wing.....and he stayed there all the way to the merge...scared the crap out of me. And here is the kicker.....he fly's with no stick...just the keyboard on his lap top...I still cant believe it. And when he flew Blue....he is deadly.

Then the COOP started, and it began as a VFG awards ceremony. We started at different bases, flew into Bodney, and landed and formed up on the ramp by Squadrons and flights. The awards were given out and to say Gratz!, we all ejected, and bombs went off and blew the place to hell! it was funny.

Then the real mission COOP began with the 352nd continuing its COOP campaign, a mission escorting B17s to bomb Caen. So we take off, climb to 24,000 feet, meet the bombers and defend them...took a while and I scored a few kills and didnt die so I felt good. That COOP was tough, all you had was the speed bar and external views. You had no way points or icons on the map so navagating was tough for me at least.

This group is actually part of the 352nd Foundation and takes part in activites with the real 352nd veterans and members....its pretty cool actually. I have signed up for membership and will be flying with them on Thurs and Sunday nights, and I will have to go thru their squadron training program....ugh...but I dont see that a a huge problem.
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Post by VEGETA »

sounds like a blast

I may be interested if they are looking for recruits. But in no rush lol
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WoW! Sounds like something we used to do around here! Ah well the good ole days.

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Post by Grifter »

Hey Buff,

Share what you learn with us. I'm sure there are still those here, like myself, who would be willing to go back into training a learn a thing or two about flying the sim realistically.
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