F4U Checklists and Tables Uploaded **UPDATED**

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F4U Checklists and Tables Uploaded **UPDATED**

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I made a set of PDF checklists for the Corsair.
****Link has been updated also..........****

I usually fly with a kneeboard or small 2 ring binder with clear plastic sheets I can load my check lists into. So I formatted these for a 5x8 index card (which fits in my plastic sleeves). A lot of the check lists are for fluff because we cant do a lot of what is on there in IL2 (but in FS9 and X, where the basic layout of the lists came from (i.e. my P51D, F4U-4, F2G-2, and Spit Mk XVII), almost all of that stuff needs to be done just to start engines) So for the most part they are just for flavor. However....there is good information in there for things like take off info, landing approach info, stall info, and the engine charts to assist you with power combination's and performance

These are now in PDF format

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