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Pitch and Power

Posted: 03 Dec 2008, 07:47
by Buffalo Six
After last nights mission and listening to some of the problems people were having, I have decided to post some items that may help you guys get more out of the planes we fly.

This is from the flight training section over at the 352nd VFG that I also am flying with. Rambling Jack is the training guy and he's a current charter pilot flying in Nevada. Its good advice and has helped me get more out of the planes. The following was written by him.


Pitch controls airspeed and Power controls altitude

In order to proceed with our discussions, you will need to understand the correlation between pitch and power. While not a control surface, the throttle of your aircraft is a control none the less, just as is the elevator, ailerons, and rudder. In a previous discussion, you became familiar with aircraft instrumentation, now you will be able to use those instruments to more precisely control your airplane in order to achieve its optimum performance. With very little practice you will be able to control your airplane and maintain altitude plus or minus 200 ft and your airspeed plus or minus 10 mph.

Over the years, two common saying have evolved with regards to flying, they are “flying by the seat of your pantsâ€