So did the articles I stickied above help?

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So did the articles I stickied above help?

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Just trying to help you guys help yourselves. and a little knowledge never hurts. Just for example in that big furball over the Jap base, I left my RPMs at 2550 and the throttle at about 85% and never overheated nor had to adjust the throttle much. I also didnt relly try to turn fight with the zekes either...well maybe a little bit PDT_Armataz_01_03
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Hadn't had a chance to read any of this yet. But, it looks very good. I'm definitely going to read it and I'm sure it will be of help. Thanks Buff for all your hard work.
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i may get to them the weekend. some of the stuff like trimming, and basic flight mechanics I knew that stuff, but the engine managment and insterments I will use I am betting
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I've only browsed through them so far but I really like what I've seen and read so far. Thanks for making these Buff.
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ok here is a great pos toff the Ubizoo from what he says and then try it, tell me what you find, I think you will be surprised.



Ok guys I have seen many posts about the p51 in game. I must say that personally I find it to be one of the safest and nicest plane to fly! NOTHING ingame will keep E as a P51, not even a Dora9 but it comes very very close!!

First, make sure to notice what ur manifold pressure does! In the P51 D-model for example you can see that ur manifold with boost(WEP) enabled will decrease from sealevel from 72 to 62 and when it reaches 62MAP (at around 3300m) disable it! No point to enable WEP if it wont give u extra power! and it wont till you reach 5500-5600m. Between these altitudes it will produce lots of heat but no extra power!

So stay below 3000m or above 5500 if you want to use WEP for extra power!

Lots of people comlain about overheating problems. Believe me, there are NONE!!
Once you go level after a climb, leave rads fully open for say 30 secs and at the same time come back on proppitch to 80% for level flight. Then close rads fully and never open them again and stay at 100% power and she WILL NOT overheat!You can even engage WEP and she wont overheat if prop pitch is low! Try to keep it around 2600-2700 RPM (green arc) and she will be fine and FAST as hell!!!
Now, fly with these settings and notice what tremendous speed advantge u get! In dives, come back on proppitch and only in full vertical climb let the proppitch come up to 100%.
If she overheats, come back on proppitch and open rads to maybe 2-4 and then close it again!

TRIM!! I cannot say this enough, a well trimmed P51 is very very fast and very very stable!! When speed increase, the ball will go left and the ball is pointing towards the rudder that must be pressed. So ball left - more left rudder trim! Keep the ball centered!

Elevator trim, VERY VERY important for all AC in game! make sure the she is trimmed for te speed you fly at, simple let go of the controls as see what she does on the vertical speed indicator! You can lose 20-50 km/h or more if she is untrimmed and constantly have to push the nose down/up with your stick!

Dogfight, well, dont dogfight unless you see the fuelage behind ur left shoulder below, 50-60 USGAL. When it is, you can outturn most Fw190 and most 109s(but still with the 109s ,dont get too slow with them) and if you decide to gor for TnB, trim the nose up to make tighter turns easierand set 100% prop pitch ( she will eventyualy overheat with these settings tho)! Combat flaps will help very much in the P51! If it doesnt go the way u want it to, point the nose down, come back on prop pitch and give full power and you can leave all but the Dora 9 behind easely. make sure to trim her to every increase in km/h of speed! And watch that speed drop VERY VERY slowly because if she is well trimmed and rads closed she will NOT drop speed fast!! She will keep E 4-ever!
Personally I try NOT to dogfight unless my fuel behind me is below half the gauge indication.
NEVER take more than 50% fuel in the P51! Sometimes, take 25% with droptanks and when u release them, u can fly for 30 mins and u will be very manouverable!!
Belive me if you do all this, you will see how fast she is!! German AC dont have rudder trim and still most people dont even look at the ball so they will lose speed much faster than you when the try to follow you at high speed. (exeption is Dora 9 that can follow u)

Convergence- Ok this is very personal, I have been experimenting with this for along time offline and set up alot of friendly targets and fired at them at the distance I thought came closets to the distances I fire at targets Online. I was suprised to see that most of the time, my targets are inside the 150m arc so I fly with a convergence setting of 120-140m and it does wonders for me now! Especially when sneaking up on someones six from below. Fire when the 190 and 109s wingtips are just on the yellow circle or even outside them and most of ur rounds will hit your target and cripple them!

The best hit % I have had was 57% with these settings, no need to say the target lost both wings and went on fire. and that was 190D9.

Fw190s perform rather bad at 3000m where their first supercharger stage is pretty low on power and the second stage hasent engaged yet so they will be rather low on power, but u still have plenty!

But most important of all these tips are, the TRIM and the CLOSE RADS fully and come back on proppitch!

Try it out and you will notice a whole different plane! Pls report back here!



and this.................

Cool! Great to see the post was appreciated!
Well the enemy I hate the most are the 190s! Especially the Dora 9! They are usually flown by the better sort of pilots (most 190s are) but vs the Dora 9 u need all the power u can get!
I personally have come to the conclusion that I WILL NOT dogfight the D9 since my planes doesnt have any upper hand vs him. Its so equal that the first one to make a mistake will lose. If im low on fuel however (below half rear tank indication) I fell pretty confident vs most planes including D9s. I have several times been bounced by D9s and if im low on fuel I make a hard turn without stalling and get him slow since most of them think u are easy target they will dogfight u, this is when u slow down let him pass you (I would NEVER otherwise slown down in a p51 but if noone else is around its safe but ONLY when u below 50 US GALs or around). This way I have many times reversed position and he is infront of me low on E and u have the upper hand since u are more manouverable when low on fuel! Thye usually dive away when they have lost their upper hand. I wouldnt follow personally...
But he might be low on fuel as well so he can be very light as well. U never know! When u need to run away I just give full WEP vertically down make sure to trim on the way down as speed comes up and off you go! Most guys flying blue, dont use rudder trim so u will be bale to pull away, but its gonna be close and u will overheat but u can overheat for 5 mins or so!! Vs 109s its never a problem to run when u need to.
When u are in close in dogfighting go 100% proppitch as u are usaully very slow and u need 100%PP when slow.

The P51B and C are with 50% fuel what the P51D is on 25% fuel. Very manouverable and can deffinately hold its own and is evern faster than the D model but I feel the controls are too senstive and I find her a harder ride to be stable in.
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