Midway v2.0

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Midway v2.0

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in light of new info (a really good book on the subject) I will be redoing the Midway missions. Several things have come to light.

1. I had the formation way to packed in and the ships in the wrong positions (i.e. the carriers were 8000m apart in a box)

2. My attack vectors were all wrong for various US attacks.

3. in light of new info on the AAA capacity of the Japanese ships (i.e. the Akagi could only effectively engage 7 planes total at one time and even then with only 3 mounts apiece) and IJN Doctrine that basically said maneuver over guns was best defense (this is why the box was 8000m a side). I will adjust the AAA to account for this.

4. My CAP numbers were wrong in a lot of places (too low) so I will adjust accordingly.

5. My initial Jap strike on Midway was out of sequence so that will be adjusted, and I will remove almost all of the planes that are currently sitting static on Midway. before the attack, they cleared decks of anything that could fly....only thing left was the hanger queens.

6. now that we have the MOD, I will add the B17 strikes to the missions.

7. I will maybe add the PBY missions to the mix, will depend on a few things.

So I'll let yall know when I get these done and uploaded.

And so far I highly recommend the book "Shattered Sword, The untold Story of the Battle of Midway". It is told from the exhaustive research on the Japanese side and blows a lot of 60 year old myths out of the water....so far its really really good.
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