I got roped into the CCM project

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I got roped into the CCM project

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ok so some of you may know that the 352nd is making a really cool map mod called the CCM (cross channel map). It will cover southern England and most of France circa 1940. All the principle RAF fighter bases (mainly 11 Group) and most of the significant Luftwaffe bases in France. The map scale is 1:1. I have been flying on this map now for a month or so and I can tell you it is frakking sweet. And I'm flying on the 3 month old build of the map. Its huge and really feels like England, and the air bases are really well done and are almost exact matches for the aerial photos of the time.

So this map thats nearing completion will be the basis for the REAL map we have all been waiting for.....the 1943-45 ETO map. That will include the 8th AAF bases in southern and east England, all of France, Belgium, Part of Norway, all of Germany, Austria, part of Italy....basically the ETO, with a little of the MTO. That is the map I have always wanted for this game and within a year we should have it.

Anyway just after Christmas, I was asked to lend a hand with a concurring project with the 1940 map.....making BoB missions to be released at the same time as the map. We have the RAF after action reports for each day along with pertinent weather and intel info for each day, so we are making missions for this 1940 map. I have made 6 missions so far with 10 or so to go. I apologize for my absence. But this is going to be worth it. Hell between the weather and the map you "Feel" your in the skys over England battling the Hun.

So when I get done with this project I will get back to my Midway stuff, which I have fixed the issue I was having with the briefs not showing etc...

But trust me when I say we will have lots of COOPs to fly in Hurris and Spits over England for a while.

On a bright note, I finished my flight training last night so thats out of the way......and if I can remember, I'll post my squadron P51D skin.

On the Horizon.................

AAA will have an update to the UI (AAA MOD) this week, not sure what it will contain but I'm pretty sure it will add new planes and stuff. I'll keep yall posted. (great yet another install of IL2 on my PC...that will make 5)

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