AH-64 Apache

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AH-64 Apache

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So I've been trying to get a jump on things reading the Apache manual. Wow. I must say, if, you used to fly the Apache in Jane's Longbow/Longbow Gold/Longbow 2, you will have a much easier time learning the Apache when your mind refreshes from 1997 haha!

It will definitely be fun, though, I'm spoiled going fast and I thought the A-10 was slow...but hey---hide behind a hill and fire a Hellfire over the hill without revealing yourself because the FCR remembered where those T-72s were...that's gratifying.

"Also, I would prefer a back seater over the extra gas any day. I would have 80 pounds of flesh to eat and a pair of glasses to start a fire." --F/A-18 Hornet pilot
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