Liberation 5.2

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Liberation 5.2

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Its out.... Apache has been added and some fixes of course. Im enjoying Snowfox but I hope we can maybe do some set missions in a campaign with an actual end goal. Maybe Snowfox on Mondays as a training session and a Liberation Wednesdays?

I'm willing to help in any way possible..... ... n/releases

[Engine] Support for DCS DCS, including the new Apache AH-64D and the Syria map extension
[Mission Generation] Improved FARP Helipad handling and creation (now includes windsocks)
[Modding] Add UH-60L mod support
[Modding] Updated Community A-4E-C mod version support to 2.0.0 release. Version 1.4.2 is no longer compatible, unless the mod default loadouts are deleted/modified.
[Modding] Updated JAS-39-C mod support for v1.8.0-beta
[Campaign] Peace Spring, Vectron's Claw, Vegas Nerve, Scenic Route 2 campaign update
[Campaign] Added Tripoint Hostility campaign by Fuzzle
[Campaign] Add 3 new campaigns from Sith1144

[Mission Generation] Fixed incorrect SA-5 and NASAMS threat range when TR destroyed. It will not count as threat anymore when the TR is dead.
[Mission Generation] Fixed "Max Threat Range" error
[Mission Generation] Fix unculled zones not updating when needed
[Mission Planner] Now allows squadron transfers to control points where the number of free slots matches exactly the expected size of the transferring squadron next turn.
[Data] Removed Fw 190 A-8 and D-9 from Germany 1940 and 1942 faction list for historical accuracy.
[Data] Updated Loadouts for Tornado GR4, F-15E and F-16C
[Data] Corrected some unit data
[UI] Fixed various UI issues (for example Scaling and HighDPI)
[UI] Typhoon GR4 and IDS images
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